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Welcome friends! I am Gabi Dimitrova, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Sustainable Eats. I was born in Bulgaria and immigrated to the United States in 2006 with my family. I spent all of my teenage years constantly being worried about the way I look, lacking self-confidence, attempting to fuel my body with all the junk food, and not knowing anything about holistic wellness. I relied on all kinds of sugar to get me through the day. I decided to take charge of my health in 2018 and really educate myself on the food I was putting into my body. 

In 2020, I started struggling with chronic tension headaches and tinnitus. Every doctor visit resulted in new medication to try and pill after pill, I knew this couldn't be it. I knew that these pills were doing more damage to my body than good. This led me to believe in holistic healing even deeper and I became passionate about healing my family and myself.  It was shortly after this that I discovered Institute of Integrative Nutrition. IIN provided me with so much knowledge and confirmation regarding functional health.

Read below to learn more about my background!

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I studied communication at Palm Beach Atlantic University and graduated with my BA in 2020. 

I have been working for my family's restaurant for seven years while pursuing my passions. Working there has given me the opportunity to learn so much about people and the way that they view their health.

In 2021, I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) because I wanted to learn more about holistic wellness and help others restore their health. This led me to starting my own coaching services less than a year later.  I take a holistic approach in helping women swap their unhealthy habits through sustainable eating and living.  I want to help you find your balance and never have to consider going on another diet again. I want people to realize that taking care of your health is a long-time journey. A single diet is going to do your body more bad than good. Building onto healthy habits and getting into a routine will help drive your healthy lifestyle.



Sustainability is one of my core values and has been for many years. Helping others and caring for our beautiful planet is something I have always dreamed of and now it is part of my brand. Sustainability for your health is just as important as sustainability for our planet; these truly go hand in hand. I started with making small changes in my everyday lifestyle that benefit and not hurt our planet Earth.  Everything that we consume and do on a daily basis has an effect on the planet and its' ability to sustain us. 

So why are we not doing more about this? I want to inspire others to make small, conscious changes just like I started and continue to do. Small shifts in your daily routine can make a drastic long-term difference.

I am nowhere close to where I want to be with this but that is why I continue to build on the small changes.


Ever since I could remember, I have always been passionate about helping others. I spent much of my high school and college years volunteering, setting up a variety of non-profit events, and interning with non-profit organizations. After graduating college, my career path led me to IIN as I felt called to explore this avenue of helping others. I learned so much about the connection between our food and planet with our mind, body, and soul. I want to help you reach your health goals because I know that it is possible. Shifting your mindset and taking your health into your own hands is so empowering.

You have the power to make a difference in your eating habits.

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